About me

I am a genealogy / local history researcher and graphic designer based in Bolton, Lancashire in the north west of England.

Over the past seven years I have undertaken a wide range of research and design work for local history projects in Bolton and private commissions for individuals.

Exploring the history of your family can be a fascinating hobby but...

If your researches are limited by the time that you have to spare...

If the only way to view that vital piece of information would involve making a long and expensive journey...

If you just don't know where to begin or where to look next...


...then perhaps I can help


I offer the following services:

Full family tree research using online resources and local archives >

Partial historical and family history research - looking up specific items in local archives >

Location visits - photographing grave inscriptions, war memorials, geographical sites etc >

Scanning, repair and restoration of photographs + Professional desk top publishing - present your research with style! >


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