Family History Research

If you want to have a family tree for your own interest or as a special gift for a family member but lack the time (or patience!) to undertake the research yourself then I can help.

Some trees can be fairly straightforward to construct - some less so. There is no such thing as a 'complete' family tree - which is why it it is such a fascinating and compulsive hobby for so many people. There is always more to discover and build on.

Ideally you need to be able to identify a direct ancestor who was alive in early 1911 to start the ball rolling. The more information that you can gather before setting out - birth / marriage / death certificates etc then the more lines become available to investigate.

Please contact me for more information.

Specific Record Look Up

If you have already carried out your own family history research you will be aware that while more and more information is now appearing online, the majority of records, photographs and newspaper archives are still only available at local libraries and museums on microfilm or paper. While many venues offer their own basic information request service this can be very limited in the time that staff have available to spend on your behalf.

If you live a long distance from the north west of England or are unable to travel it may be more cost effective to have someone search records and archives for you.

Please contact me for more information.

Location Visits and Photography

Census returns offer a once-every-10-years snapshot of your family. If you can find them! Children who were born and died in the gap between Census dates are often missed out of family trees altogether. Sometimes there is no alternative to visiting churches and cemeteries to find the information that you need you need - and information you didn't know was there to find!

Again, if for whatever reason it is impractical or uneconomic for you to make a location visit in person, then I can undertake visits for you and take photographs of graves, war memorials, houses etc.

Please contact me for more information.

Scanning and Desk Top Publishing

If you need photographs, slides or documents scanning and/or repairing and restoring for your archives, for publication or presentations I can offer you a professional service. I also have several years experience of writing, editing and designing local history booklets, leaflets, websites and presentations.

Please contact me for more information or see my design website for examples of design work and the Links page for local history sites I have designed, edited and contributed to.




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